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Review of 3D ceramics

In this part of the series of Kashi Hafez educational articles, we will examine three-dimensional ceramics. Stay with us. What…

The most popular and best-selling type of ceramics of the year

Before examining the topic of this article, which is the examination of the most popular and best-selling type of ceramics…

Hafez Tile and Ceramic Co

With an experience of over 4 decades in the tile and ceramic in Iran, Hafez Tile and Ceramic Co. is among the first producers of tile and ceramic in Iran, and among the most reputable and reliable domestic producers that started its activity in 1976  with the construction of a 41-hectare factory near Shiraz and has good experience in Tile Export.

The company has introduced new technologies in the tile and ceramic industry in several stages, by equipping and modernizing its production lines, and, it has been able to make significant progress in the quality and quantity of its products as a pioneer in the tile industry in iran.

Currently, Hafez Tile is nominated as the first producer of polished and unpolished 100*100 porcelains. The production of this size has begun in August 2018, using the latest technology in the world and the best quality raw materials for porcelain in Iran.

Hafez Tile and Ceramic Company is The one of the best Iran Tile Factory because The most significant properties of this product are very low water absorption of less than 0.5, resistant to stains, scratches, bending, wear, acid and base chemicals.

In addition to the domestic market, the company exports its products to the neighbor countries including Iraq and Afghanistan, the European countries like Belgium and Italy, and the African countries such as Kenya.

It is hoped that Iran’s tiles and ceramics industry will once again be among the top tile-producing countries in the world ranking.

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